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Whether you are starting a new company, assuming a new role in your organization, wanting to improve the way you operate, or are requiring assistance with business related services, I would be pleased to discuss your needs and identify any areas in which I can provide assistance.

Process Improvement

Review of current processes can help identify unnecessary tasks and more efficient and effective ways of doing business.

Business Operations

From organization and planning to establishing business operations and developing tools, we’ll find solutions that work for your organization.

Project Management

Projects can be a large time commitment; an independent manager can provide relief and new perspectives for success.


Over 34 years of experience in my professional career and own business and personal ventures. This includes University business administration, startup company operations, consulting and evaluation services, grant writing, public leadership, delivery of financial accounting and reporting, and other specialty services.

Financial Services

Provided accounting and reporting services for two clients under the State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program for the Blind (BEPB). Established system and performed accounting services for a R&D company. Developed a multi-department sales tracking tool for large retail store.

Business Management

Business organization and operational setup for a high-tech startup company, including financial management, human resources, facilities, and all other aspects of operations. Mentor new business owners on startup processes.  Operation of various personal businesses.

University Operations

University department reorganization and new School organization. All aspects of operations including, finance, grants management, procurement, human resources, facilities, etc. This includes overseeing repair and renovations for several buildings, and involvement as a user with feasibility, conceptualization, and construction for a historic  building renovation.

Program Evaluation

National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center Program evaluation for research centers located at both Ohio University and Ohio State University.

Grant Administration

Development, submission, and/or administration of three  Illinois Dept of Natural Resources (IDNR) Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Program awards all totaling appr. $1.4M.  30+ years with administering Federal, State, and Private grants and contracts.

Policies & Procedures

Operational policies and procedures for University units and startup semiconductor company. ADA/EOE policies development for park district. User manual development for business systems use.

Certifications & Training

Certified Master Project Manager (MPM), with additional training in Lean and Six Sigma for Process Improvement. Society of Research Administration certificates in Research Law and Departmental Administration.

Public Service

Served as President (Mayor) and on the Board of Trustees for the Village of Pesotum, Illinois. During that time managed several infrastructure projects (road and sidewalk repairs, drainage) and negotiated the sale of public water system.
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